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It's like Every Door Direct...But For Your Emails. It's Every Inbox Direct!

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    What Is Every Inbox Direct?
    EID, or Every Inbox Direct, is a one-of-a-kind email solution offered by Twin Cities Publishing.

    If you have a message, promotion, or coupon that you would like to send to your customers (but don't have access to their email address), EID is your answer.

    We can work with you (free of cost) to determine your ideal customer profile and target that audience via email - it's as simple as that.

    Email Customers based on, or a combination of, their:



    Purchasing behavior




    Homeowner status

    And much more!

    You only pay if and when your customers click to open your emails.

    Email as many or as few customers as you'd like.

    Sound too good to be true? It's not!

    We offer the highest deliverability rates available. Never buy or rent an email list ever again.
    Benefits Of Every Inbox Direct
    You only pay if and when your customers open your email message.
    Guaranteed to land in your customers' inbox, every time.
    The highest rates offered anywhere.
    No Minimum.
    Send as many or as few emails as you'd like.
    Email Statistics To Know In 2020

    Why your business can't afford to neglect email marketing!
    Average return for every $1 spent on email marketing (3,800% ROI).
    Consumers who said they like to receive promotions via email.
    Small businesses that use email as their primary customer acquisition channel.
    Millennials who prefer communications from businesses to come via email.
    Marketers that send their customers 3-5 emails per week.
    Respondents who said marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.